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ORBIT, customized user experience to a whole new level.

Orbit is made out of Surgical-grade SS with a glass-blasted finish.

TANK: The tank is made out of PCTG (Impact & chemical resistant) crystal clear tank with easy use recessed white silicon juice plug, 4.5ml + liquid capacity.

DECK: Orbit features a simple two-post lead trap design with wire cutouts, flat head screws. A huge coil area of 6.5mm x 8.55 mm build space.

Orbits deck allows you to remove the deck on the fly without having to remove the whole tank.

WICKING: Orbit’s wicking design prevents airlock and provides maximum wicking with its 7mm wide channels combined with side perforated wicking.

AIRFLOW: ORBIT’s unique airflow control gives users a true and pure experience from a massive DIRECT LUNG 4.5mm airflow to a tight 0.1 mm MOUTH TO LUNG or any configuration in between. You can completely seal your airflow to 0mm for storage. We recommend the MTL kit for experiences from 1.5 MM airflow and under.

The ORBIT airflow pin is a blue anodized aluminum pin with a spring mechanism that provides tactile resistance, essentially locking the airflow in place after users set their preferences.

Orbit’s vertical airflow pin is controlled with a provided tool.

AIRFLOW INTAKE: Orbit has front and right side (traditional) air inlet locations for all current and future boro devices.



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