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R1 by OMC

by OMC

AIO atomizer in genesis by OMC.


– Dimensions (LxWxH): 15x13x40 mm
– Drill hole diameter: 3.5 mm
– Space to place the resistance: 6 mm
– Mesh wick height: 9 mm
– Air hole diameter: 2×0.8mm, 2x1mm, 2×1.2mm

Note: We only engrave one number on the top of the airhole module for identification, for example 0.8 for 2×0.8mm

Features :

– Two layers are designed (chamber) on the opposite side of the air hole module to avoid direct heat transfer to the outside.
– Eccentric design style to create more space for optimized ventilation.
– Good conductor because it does not use the O-ring between the bridge and the topcap as well as the threaded connection of the topcap to the chimney.

Materials :

– Body, center post: SS-316.
– Air hole module: White Peek.
– Insulator: Peek.
– Black Oring: Black Peek

R1 by OMC contains:

x1 R1
x3 Air hole modules: 2×0.8mm, 2x1mm, 2×1.2mm.
x1 Spare part: silicone O-ring, screw, stem SS-31



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